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Weight 745kg
Dimensions N/A
Warranty 12 months labour; 24 months parts
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Product Code: GLBF402MAB Category:
  • Air-cooled Unit and Soft and Hard Timed or Core Probe Blast Chilling & Freezing
  • Auto Blast Chilling/ Freezing Cycle with Product Density Recognition (Multipoint Probe)
  • Auto Pre-cooling Key and Disconnects when the Door is Opened
  • Infinite Timed Cycle with Settable Room Set-point
  • 67 Pre-set Programs and Core Probe Heating
  • 30 Free Positions for Saving Customised Programs
  • Auto Storing at End of Blast Chilling /Freezing Cycle
  • Auto Recognition of the Core Probe and if Inserted into the Product to Blast Chill/ Freeze
  • Timed Manual Defrosting and Sterilisation (Optional)
  • LCD and Connection Through Electric Clamp RS 485 to Printer or PC (HACCP) (Optional)
  • Internal Bumper Rail
  • 2  GN2/1 Trolleys
  • Chilling Capacity: 580 Kg at +3°C
  • Freezing Capacity: 270 Kg at -18°C
  • AISI 304 18/10mm Satin Finish
  • 11.5 KW, 31.2 A and 400v/3/50
  • Weight: 960 Kg
  • W1500 x D2375, 3180 Including Door at 90degree  x H2230mm, R452A

Included : 

  • 2 Ramps
  • condensing unit suitable for the above ( 28910 W ) cooling
  • 27.3 Kw, 49.2A Ea, 400v/3/50, Weight: 420KG

Overall Dimensions of Packaging in Wooden Case (4 Pieces):

  • Packing to be Confirmed

**Does Not Include Installation and Connection or Trolley**


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